Who’s Healthier in Winnebago IL?

Who's Healthier in Winnebago IL?

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Chiropractic Families or Medical Families

Without even reading this every person answers this correctly. It's a no brainer, yet how many of you reading this are coming in to eliminate symptoms or are waiting to bring your family in until they're already sick? Chiropractic in Winnebago IL is much more life changing than that.

Winnebago IL Residents Should Read this Study

Please read this incredible research study!

A study was done comparing hundreds of children raised in Chiropractic families versus hundreds of children raised in medical doctor's families. All the children were studied over a 9-year period.

The conclusion is exactly what we expected; the Chiropractic children had a much lower incidence of disease, almost no use of antibiotics, less colds, less ear infections, and if the Chiropractic children did get measles, rubella, chicken pox, or mumps it was reported that the diseases were quite mild compared to the medically raised children. *

If the medical model worked, wouldn't you think their children would be the healthiest children in the world? They have access to any drug or technology they need!

Why are Chiropractic families healthier? Because we know that pills, shots, and potions lower the immune system, cover the symptoms, and do more harm than good.

A Chiropractic adjustment takes pressure off the nerves allowing the brain to communicate with the body, raising the immune system, so the body can heal anything.

There is nothing in the world more powerful than a life releasing Chiropractic adjustment!

We move the bone and the power of God does the healing.

*Comparative study of the health status of children raised under the health care models of chiropractic and allopathic medicine. Van Breda, WM and Van Breda JM Journal of Chiropractic Research Summer 1989.
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