One Life Changed in Winnebago IL! Our Trip to Montana

Life Changed in Winnebago IL! Our Trip to Montana

Chiropractic Winnebago IL Life Changed

Sitting here in my living room makes me so grateful for the opportunities God has given me, like getting to see my patients at our clinic in Winnebago IL. I sit here where there is heat, the water always works and there is peace and hope. Looking at my kids and think they will never go hungry, have to walk to school in the dead of winter without a coat, or live where no one cares about their future.

Reflection in Winnebago IL

Jon and I just returned from the Fort Peck Indian reservation in Montana, where we helped pass out Christmas gifts that were collected in New Renaissance chiropractic offices all over the country. Thousands of gifts were collected with the hopes of bringing a bright moment some kids who see very few bright moments. This was our 11th trip to the reservation. I always leave with much anticipation and a lot of prayer. This year was no exception.

We traveled all day Thursday to get to the reservation. Travel is always one of the highlights of the trip. This year we were able to travel with my Aunt Jennifer and her husband Don. This was their first trip.

We arrived at the reservation in record time! We all went to bed early in anticipation of an exciting day. Friday we woke up to slight snow flurries, no big deal it's Montana you have to expect a little snow. We all headed to South Side elementary school in Wolf Point. This is my favorite school to pass out gifts. The staff there is amazing you can really feel the love they have for the kids. Each class arrived to the gym and the gifts were passed out. Imagine 100 first graders in a gym opening presents it is loud and exciting.

There is always a moment where I stop and look for those kids who are not joyfully opening their presents. These are the kids we are there to help. With all the chaos, I love to sit quietly with a child and help them remove a toy from the package. If you have kids you know what a feat it can be to get a toy out of the package. It is in those quiet moments that I am reminded that it is not about the presents it is about the relationships we make.

There was a young man refusing to open his gift. He was acting tough and like the gift was not important. Seeing this from the outside it would be easy to think he was just being ungrateful. As we watched, one of the teachers told us that both of his siblings had committed suicide this year. My uncle Don talked to him quietly for a few minutes and he open his gift. It was a football, and the next thing we knew he was out playing with the other kids, and one life changed.

As I sit here still watching it snow, I am thankful that God picked me to help the kids in Montana have a better Christmas. There are lots of people in our lives that just need a moment of our time so they know we care.

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