Sensory Processing Disorder in Winnebago IL

Sensory Processing Disorder in Winnebago IL

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Sensory issues in Winnebago IL. We meet many people with sensory issues (Sensory Processing Disorder, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Neurosensory Dysfunction, etc.) but no matter what you call it, there seems to be an underlying cause.

Our sensory system is part of our nervous system and is a "read and react" system. Our body is "preprogrammed" to respond appropriately to our environment. This programming occurs each time we encounter a new sight, sound, smell or touch and can be thought of as 'sensory learning' or processing.

The clearest example of this is a child placing their hand upon a hot stove… once it is done, it is rarely done again. This is because the burning and painful 'sensation' of the hot stove becomes ingrained in our sensory memory, and helps prevent us from making this mistake again. All sensory patterns in the body work in this way.

This great quote from Dr. Bruce Lipton really helps explain things further:

The function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells.

- Dr. Bruce Lipton


Many kids who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) have an inability to properly perceive their environment, whether that be from vision, hearing and sounds, balance and coordination, touch and tactile sense, or others. Basically, their nervous systems are very irritated and sending them overwhelming information.

Your nervous system is constantly collecting information. It's PERCEIVING the environment through its millions and millions of sensory receptors and nerve endings and sending it to your brain. Your brain then takes that information and responds accordingly. Your brainstem and upper neck work as filters between your brain and nervous system. In most kids with SPD those filters are not working properly.

Why is this important? Think of the room you are in right now. There are many sights, noises, and things touching you that you are not perceiving. Stop right now and become as aware as you can to EVERYTHING. Do you recognize all the things that your nervous system is filtering out?

In most kids with SPD, there is very little filtering. ALL of that information is coming at them all the time. Think of all the stimulus there must be in a classroom. Imagine trying to focus on a spelling test when you can hear every noise, feel all of your clothes touching your body, smell every smell, you get the point.

What is the result? In most kids, the result is behavior problems.


In most cases when the sensory challenges are finally realized, therapy is the first option. If implemented properly, therapy is done in a "sensory gym" by specifically trained occupational and/or physical therapists. While we support this form of therapy whole-heartedly, with chiropractic care and nutrition we offer a different approach.

We work to help heal the nervous system and restore your child's sensory filter. At Freedlund Family Chiropractic & Nutrition, we evaluate each child to determine their specific needs. We do a comprehensive history, exam, and in some cases x-rays. You also will have an opportunity to meet with our Functional Nutritionist. We will study your child's case as a team and make recommendations to you based on their specific needs.


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