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Are You a Difference Maker?

January 24, 2011

Are You a Difference Maker? There was a story about a famous poet walking along the coast of Spain. As he was enjoying his walk he noticed something out of the ordinary. He noticed a young man doing a very odd looking dance. As he neared the young man much to his surprise he saw…


Something to think about

December 22, 2010

Something to think about Today I want to speak about purpose. Purpose -“(n.) The object toward which one strives or for which something exists. “ Have you taken time to figure out what you are striving for and why you are here? Who or what are you living for? Something I am slowly figuring out…


Do You Have Titanium Immunity?

December 19, 2010

Do You Have Titanium Immunity? Do you have titanium immunity? I do not. However, I have seen drastic changes in my ability to stay healthy during this time of holiday meals, schedule changes, and sleep deficiency. Make sure you take the time to care for yourself this week. I know you are busy, but it…

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One Life Changed! Our Trip to Montana

December 12, 2010

One Life Changed! Our Trip to Montana Sitting here in my living room makes me so grateful for the opportunities God has given me. I sit here where there is heat, the water always works and there is peace and hope. Looking at my kids and thinking they will never go hungry, have to walk…


Who’s Healthier?

December 6, 2010

Who’s Healthier Chiropractic Families or Medical Families Without even reading this every person answers this correctly. It’s a no brainer, yet how many of you reading this are coming in to eliminate symptoms or are waiting to bring your family in until they’re already sick? Chiropractic is much more life changing than that. Please read…


Dead or Alive

December 5, 2010

Dead or Alive It is a scientific fact that the same number of particles make up your body whether you are alive or dead. This leads to a big question: what is life? Wikipedia says “There is no universal definition of life. To define life in unequivocal terms is still a challenge for scientists.” Hmmm,…