Something to think about in Winnebago IL

Something to Think About in Winnebago IL

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Today I want to speak about purpose. Purpose -"(n.) The object toward which one strives or for which something exists. "

Have you taken time to figure out what you are striving for and why you are here? Who or what are you living for? Something I am slowly figuring out is that the more you live your life for YOU, the less fulfilling it is. So many of our patients that suffer from depression or high levels of stress have not taken the time to think about this...they are caught up unconsciously running through the motions.

I also find many of our practice members at our clinic in Winnebago IL never take time first thing in the morning to wake up and fill their mind and bodies with good, inspirational things (i.e. Gods word, meditation, stretching, exercise, etc.) So many people just drag out of bed, hop in the shower while turning on the news. STOP THAT!! Start your day by thinking about your purpose and becoming inspired. Please do not let your negative thoughts or the news people lead your thoughts with news of gloom and doom. What do you fill your mind with when you first start your day? There is so much beauty in the world if you choose to look for it.

Reflection in Winnebago IL

Below is something I look at every morning, enjoy!

"I work for God...not for money...I take care of God's people...and God takes care of me!"

This always starts my day off in the right direction.
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