How are you really doing in Winnebago IL?

How are you really doing in Winnebago IL?

Chiropractic Winnebago IL How Are You Really

Jon asked me yesterday "How are you doing?"

I said "good."

His response "How are you REALLY doing?"

This made me stop and think "How am I really doing?"

If you are like me, I can have a tendency to "just go" in moments like this. I had spent the week trying to make sure my people were taken care of, all of you, my family and my staff. Yesterday, I finally had a moment to stop and make sure I was ok.

Here is what I realized I was REALLY doing well in Winnebago IL. I have spent the last 20 years taking care of people who are in a health crisis. Every day we meet people who are struggling with physical and emotional issues. That is what I was made to do. So serving everyone this week was actually helping me to deal with the current situation.

top 5 ways i noticed i was doing well in Winnebago IL

One thing I really noticed was the level of tension that I felt in everyone's body. Over the years, I have developed the ability to feel when someone is stressed. On Friday, everyone was stressed. If we all stay in this state it will start to affect us physically. And the reality is we need our bodies to be strong right now. Here are the things I am doing myself to stay physically and emotionally strong:

    1. Prayer and filling my mind with great things.
      So many churches are having online services, watch them
    2. Getting adjusted: I need this. If we can do something to help you feel more comfortable let us know.
    3. Less sugar: I stared this last year. Germs love sugar and it weakens your body.
    4. Supplement: I will never get everything I need in my diet.
    5. Get outside

Those are my top 5.

We are here to serve you and your family right now. Lean on us and let us know what you need.

God bless,
Dr. Heather


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