Health Benefits To The Cold Weather In Winnebago IL

Health Benefits To The Cold
Weather In Winnebago IL

Chiropractic Winnebago IL Cold Weather


There is no doubt that this winter has been a shock to the system. We've had freezing rain in Winnebago IL, more snow than the past couple of years, and colder temps than most of us have ever experienced. At this point we are ready for spring to arrive more than ever before. With all of the complaining about the weather, it got me thinking about how much I usually LOVE winter. Which then led to me wondering what are some health benefits to all this cold weather anyway?!?! I didn't have to search hard to find out some good that can come from this season. Here they are:

Benefits to the Cold Weather in Winnebago IL

  1. Cooler temps boost the brain! Research has been done to show that people in cooler conditions think more clearly.
  2. You burn more calories when it's cold! It takes more energy for your body to maintain its core temp when its cold out.
  3. Improves allergies. There is NO pollen outside right now!
  4. Decreased inflammation! Nature is your very own ice pack!
  5. You sleep better because it is darker later and the temperature is lower which helps your body rest easier.
  6. More time for rest. It's a good time of year to read a few books, binge watch a TV series, or hop on the phone and reconnect with people you haven't talked to lately.

Let's try to "enjoy" these last couple weeks of winter, before Dr. Amy starts complaining that it's too HOT! HaHa


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