The Adjustment

After the report of findings you will have your first adjustment.  For the adjustment you will lay on your stomach.  Before you lay down the doctor will show you how the table works.  The table makes a loud noise and it moves up and down.  In our office the doctors also use an instrument called an activator.  The activator makes a little clicking noise.  The doctor will show you what it feels like on your hand before you lay down.  

The adjustment helps remove layers of injuries that you and the doctor discussed during your exam and report of findings.  As you are adjusted the nerves will begin to heal.  This will allow your body to function better not only helping with your major complaint, but many people report lots of other added benefits (see our testimonial section.)   The adjustment only takes a few minutes and then you’re on your way.

We offer a variety of adjusting styles.  We use several different adjusting techniques including diversified, Thompson, and activator.