Office Tour

When you walk into the office you will be greeted at the front desk.  Please sign in and give us your insurance card and driver’s license.  We will make a copy.  Next we will give you a tour of the office.

This is our referral board.  Many people are referred to the office by their family and friends.


This is the reception area.  In the reception area there is a children’s play area.  There are many children who come with their parents to get adjusted.


There is also a beautiful tree painted on the wall, that has pictures of all the children who come and get adjusted.  There is also a wall full of pictures, of babies who have been adjusted since the first week they were born.  These babies make up, what we call, the Full Potential League.

Next to the Full Potential League, we have a quilt and table with pictures honoring our “Love Has No Color” project.  A group called The New Renaissance is bringing hope, love, and Chiropractic to an Indian Reservation in Montana.  To do this many chiropractic offices around the United States, including ours is helping to send a Native American to Chiropractic school.  When they are done with school we will build an office for them on the reservation.


This is the x-ray and exam room.  This room is where you spend most of your first visit.  The doctor will perform a detailed case history review, a Chiropractic exam and take x-rays of you (if necessary) , in this room.


This is where we process the x-rays after we take them. 
Next to the processing room is the bathroom.  The bathroom is fully stocked with diapers and wipes and a changing table for the babies and children that come into the office, just in case!

This is the Report of Findings room where you will spend most of your time on your second visit.  This is where we show a short video so you better understand your x-rays when we show them to you.  This is also where the doctor will tell you what they have found in your case and give you recommendations for your care. 

This is the adjusting area, where you will be adjusted on your second visit and every visit after (notice the special table for kids.)